Want some changes in your life? Paint your nails!


For many years (it’s almost weird to count number) I painted my nails red. The only variety could have been one finger in different color or some additional picture.

People recognized me from the stories told by manicurists. All my friends and relatives got used only to this style of mine. I like red color very much, and red nails and lips are classic for me. So I never had much interest in experimenting.

One day, getting ready for my vacation, I decided to change my image a bit.

Honestly, I changed it only for practical reasons. Since I was going to the sea, I wanted to give my fingernails some rest from polish, but still paint the toenails. And so that the colors were not very different, I decided to do my toenails in neutral colors (perfectionism in action). My nail artist advised to choose more bright and light colors to emphasize my tan. The choice was very good, and the effect stunning.

Reactions varied. Some people said, “Don’t ever do that again!”, others were very much surprised, but everyone noticed this change.

And now, sitting in the beauty salon chair and having changed my bright color to a slightly more intense, I came to two conclusions. Firstly, changes are fun, but to change too often is not good for my sanity. And secondly, girls, the light nail color really does emphasize the effect of your tan!

P.S. Unfortunately, the color is deeper on the photo, but I think it’s still interesting.

By the way, I’d love to hear about your tastes in nail-art in the comments.

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