Snow-white December: playful skirt and sweatshirt

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Sweatshirt: ZARA, similar here | Skirt: H.I.P., similar here | Parka: ZARA, similar here | Bag: PARFOIS, similar here | Boots: TIMBERLAND, similar here

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Snow-covered city creates a true New Year Eve’s mood. It makes me remember my childhood, when my parents and I used to walk the streets and have snowball fights.

I was preparing to visit some friends and wanted to contrast the cold weather by wearing a light skirt and a sweatshirt. Nonetheless, I had to take care of my protection against cold, so I also put on a parka, over-the-knee stockings and a thick scarf to keep me warm.

playfull skirt, sweatshirt, parka, scarf, boots, sunglasses, bag, knee-length stockings
sweatshirt, parka, scarf
pigeon, birds, winter
knee-length stockings, bag, parka
playfull skirt, sweatshirt, parka, scarf, bag, knee-length stockings
sweatshirt, parka, warm scarf
parka, scarf
knee-length stockings, boots
skirt, embellished sweatshirt, -knee-length stockings

Zara sweatshirt and black light skirt against snowy weather

In Kyiv winters are truly beautiful, but at the same time they can be rather frosty and severe. It is the reason why in the streets you can meet a lot of people wearing a ton of clothes hurrying around to get into warmth. However, as for me, I always try to get the most out of any weather, and I am sure that in case you dress properly, no winter could ever spoil your mood. So, to feel comfortable and warm, you need:

  1. First of all, think of the right outer layer. In my case, it was Zara parka for women, and it performed its mission just perfectly. It is long enough to protect my body from cold, and it also provides space and comfort to experiment with the other clothes, as you do not have to bother with getting cold in any case.
  2. What you wear on your legs is also essential, as cold feet is a direct way to getting ill. I made the right choice by picking black Timberland boots for women, as they are comfortable, are secure against slippery roads and look really great.
  3. When you protect yourself against cold, you can think of the main accent in your outfit. For me it was a combination of the black light skirt and women’s Zara sweatshirt.

The key thing that I wanted to say by combining rather light fabrics and clothes with winter mood is that everything is possible. If you wear Zara parka with women’s Timberland boots, you are free to experiment with women sweatshirt and light skirt. And this experiment will definitely be great and make you differ from the majority of cold and unhappy people in the streets.

Parka Zara for woman & Timberland boots: my secret of warmth

You can always find your own way of keeping yourself warm and creating a great look. It may seem somewhat harder than in the warm time of the year, but as you can see, it is absolutely possible. Find a warm parka and get a pair of Timberland boots for women – and winter will never scare you with all its frost and snow.

Of course, you should also pick the right accessories. Warm scarf also played its role and protected my neck and head from cold, and thus I encourage you to experiment with clothes in winter, but never forget about your personal comfort. If you like winter caps, you can also find an appropriate design, but today scarves can be successfully used instead.

Do not also forget about a bit of experiment like mine. You can play on contrast to cold, use your imagination and be bright and great-looking every day in the year. Over-the-knee stockings always look winning in cold weather, and if you combine them with the right clothes, they will definitely help you create an original and interesting look.

P.S. On this magical winter day, I also realized that I want to have a home in white colors

Have a good week!

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