Five Different Ways To Pull Off The High Waisted Shorts

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Years ago, we have considered high waisted shorts to be a thing of the past. For us, it is all just a part of the charm and appeal of those good ol’ retro years. But now, it is slowly making its way back to the fashion industry. First, we saw the rise of the high waisted skirts. Now, you cannot finish an entire fashion magazine without having a glimpse of models wearing high waisted shorts.

At first look, it may seem that this type of shorts is just for the models and women with above average body. Of course, you may be asking—will it look good on an average looking girl? Of course, it will!  When it comes to this trendy piece of clothing, here are some styling tips that you can try:

  • Pair it with a cropped top.

If you have always been conscious about your tummy, this is your time to try off the coveted trendy crop top. The high waist of the shorts will conceal a major portion of your tummy. Rest assured, you will look sexy without revealing too much skin.

  • Tuck in your top.

Anyone who has ever worn a pair of high waisted shorts already knows this trick! Nothing will make you look more stylish than tucking in your shirt underneath your shorts. In this way, you can show off your figure. Plus, this simple trick will make your hips and legs look fuller and will, therefore, make you look sexier.

  • Go for short high waisted shorts.

If you plan on wearing this type of shorts, you should be ready to show some legs. Avoid choosing a high-waisted short that is too long as it can overwhelm your body figure. Instead, opt for a short one. Doing this will create the illusion of longer legs  and will surely make you look a lot slimmer. This is a perfect styling tip for petite women who are afraid of looking short and stout.

  • Make it dressy.

Many people think that this type of shorts is only perfect for a rugged look. They got it wrong! This is perfect for a dressier and more mature look too. Instead of getting a high waist denim, opt for shorts in a more flowy fabric and pair it with a feminine top. For the finishing touch, wear some pumps and you will already look perfect for a romantic date!

  • Be confidently sexy.

In the end, your confidence is your best accessory. These shorts can get quite intimidating and it really takes confidence and boldness to pull off such sexy look. That is why you should never doubt yourself when you are wearing these babies. Keep your chin up and unleash your inner rock star.

With the right styling tricks, all clothes will surely look good on you! When you follow the styling tips that are mentioned above, you can surely be able to pull off the high waisted shorts look that you have been wanting to try!

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