How to restyle your sandals


Have you ever wanted to somehow restyle your old clothes item? With me it happens quite often :). I think this has to do with the desire to create a signature piece and is a way to implement your creativity.

In my recent project, I decided to give my old sandals a new color. You already know from one of my latest posts that I grew affectionate to nude and beige colors. That’s why I wanted to repaint my chocolate sandals in that neutral tint. I used a special paint for that and have to say that I’m immensely happy with the result. So here I’m sharing with you the instructions on how to do this.


  • Dye paint for leather TRG EASY DYE 25ml (I used the color #178)
  • Adhesive paper tape

How to do:

  1. First, prepare the surface of the sandals by scrubbing it with the abrasive side of the sponge provided in the box with the paint.
  2. Use the adhesive tape to cover those places which are not to be painted (in my case, it was the sole of the sandals.
  3. Before using, carefully shake the bottle with the paint in order to have a uniform color (I did it for 5 min.). Then apply the paint on the prepared surface of the sandals with the sponge provided in the box. When the entire surface will be painted, put the sandals away to dry for at least 8 hours, and voilà – your exquisite and renewed piece is ready. Enjoy wearing it!

In case you lack time or are not in the do-it-yourself mood, you can shop my picks of beige and nude sandals below :).

Have a nice week!

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    Sahar Gholami
    06.07.2016 at 04:29

    thanks for sharing!

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    LookOn Blog
    07.07.2016 at 07:34

    It's our greatest pleasure!

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