The Bahamas: Non-stop entertainment on the beach

If you feel tired from work and want to bask in the sun with a wonderful sea view while having a lot of fun, this place is exactly for you 🙂 !

Beautiful and clean beaches, ocean breeze and onshore parties with great dancing music – you can find all this on the Bahamas. That’s where you’ll definitely be in high spirits and get loads of pleasant emotions 😉 !

One of popular ways to get to the Bahamas is by a cruise liner. Thus, the capital Nassau has a large port where you’ll be impressed greatly by the amount and size of liners, especially on weekend.

Historically, the country has adopted the left-hand traffic. Interestingly, you may see many cars with different size of front and rear wheels there 🙂 .

Written by: Yuliya Prokopenko
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