Dickie collar

Such a collar can add elegance to a round neck sweater or top. Below is the description of how to implement this idea. You can also read the outfit post featuring this very collar.

How to make:

  1. You can buy a ready-made collar or sew one by yourself based on your own template from any fabric to your liking: cotton will provide firm shape, chiffon will unfold nicely and lace will add a romantic touch. I used two chiffon strips, which previously formed a bow on my old dress and a common round-neck sweater.
  2. Each of the collar pieces should be stitched on the inner seam connecting the neckline and the main part of the sweater.
  3. Having two parts of the collar stitched on, unfold them on the sweater neck and iron if needed.

Now your renewed item of clothing with an elegant collar is ready to smarten up your look!

Have a nice day!

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