European city by two rivers

Ратушна площа / Town Hall Square

Recently, I had a chance to spend one of my weekends in Vilnius. The first thing that caught my eye was how clean and well-kept this European city was!

The city’s center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It was partially destroyed during the Second World War. Supposedly, the city has got its name after the Vilnia river which flows into the bigger one Viliya (Neris in Lithuanian) just where Vilnius is located.

In contrast to the European-style old town, you can still see Soviet-era houses in suburbs :). But they are replaced quite quickly by new, more nice-looking buildings.

In general, the city has made a very good impression on me. I think it is worth seeing as well as visiting its authentic bars, tasting Lithuanian cuisine and experiencing the citizens’ hospitality :).

Old Town

Town Hall

Town Hall (side view)

Church of St. Anne

Church of St. Francis and St. Bernard

Užupis (the district of creative people)

White Bridge

Basilian Gate

Church of St. Casimir

View from apartment

Written by: Yuliya Prokopenko
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