Miami: city of endless summer and parties

Miami is a renowned, commercial, cultural and entertainment center in the world. According to Forbes, the city takes the third place among the American cities with the most beautiful and tall skyscrapers (the first and second places belong to New York and Chicago), and the first place as the cleanest one and the world’s largest center of cruise industry. I think that will be enough with statistics :).

The idea to go to Miami surfaced by chance – due to the opportunity to buy promotional airline tickets. But when leaving the city, I was sure that I would come back to it. So let me shared with you my impressions :).

America always greets you with friendliness, accompanies you with the feeling of security and mutual help, and sees you off hoping for your soon return.

There are many different districts in Miami, each with its own history. Downtown is the biggest commercial district in Miami. This is where you can find the biggest skyscrapers and headquarters of the world-famous companies. Downtown seems to be fully penetrated by free monorail lines going above people’s heads and connecting the city’s districts. This resembles future vehicles.

Miami is not a one-piece territory, it consists of islands. Surely, the most famous among them is Star Island. There are huge villas with pools, basketball grounds, tennis courts, and, of course, yachts! There are yachts to everyone’s taste and possibilities: big, small, very expensive and less. The islands are interconnected by causeways, bridges, and ferry services.

Another picturesque district is called Little Havana. It got the name due to a large amount of immigrants from Cuba, which migrated to Miami, running away from the Fidel Castro’s regime. With the issue of the John Kennedy’s order in 1961, all of them received political shelter in America.

Another historical monument associated with the Cuban population of the city is the Freedom Tower. It was the place where the immigrants officially legalized their freedom. From this, comes the name of the building.

Not far from the Cuban district, there is Marlins Park. It take the 30th place in the world among stadiums with a retractable roof. The stadium has been opened just recently, in 2012. It accommodates 37 442 spectators and costed 515 million dollars. The construction really looks impressive! 🙂

Miami also has a huge port for cruise liners. It harbors its own seventeen liners and is visited by thousands of other ships every day. A cruise liner accommodates in average up to 3000 passengers, and nearly a thousand of them is team staff. Luckily, I had the opportunity to appreciate the majesty of these “cities on water” by myself.

Ocean Drive is a famous seafront place in Miami, which extends for many kilometers. It is involved in the crazy rhythm of streaming cars and rushing people. Many restaurants and cafés are located there. It is also a very popular place for jogging.

So, let’s go to the most pleasant part of the time spent in Miami :). Certainly, in spite of all attractions of this city, the most impressive for me will always be its natural beauty :). The biggest and most popular beach in Miami is South Beach. South Beach is not just a beach, there’s a lot of bars, restaurants and malls as well as park zones, sports fields and plenty of palm trees :). Leaving the beach, I came across an exhibition of retro-cars. Their age and look really surprised me.

Collins Avenue also lies next the beach. It seems like it never “sleeps” :). During the day, revelers are moving around, and at night, parties start everywhere – with girls wearing high heels and short expensive dresses and guys driving luxurious open-top cars with loud music :). The whole street is brightly illuminated, and night cafés are full with people.

America pleasantly impressed me for the second time now. So, if you enjoy sun, ocean, parties and constant movement, Miami is an excellent destination to spend your holidays!

On this picture, the monorail is passing through the building

This is how its little cars look like

Star Island

Little Havana

Freedom Tower

This is how the Freedom Tower looks like at night

Marlins Park

The same building from the other side

Port for cruise liners

Ocean Drive seafront

South Beach

Exhibition of retro-cars

Written by: Yuliya Prokopenko
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