New Year in Lviv

Church steeples  one of  Bernardine Church (in the middle) and the other one of Church of Poor Clares, now Johann Georg Pinsel Sculpture Museum (to the left)
I have been to Lviv several times already but this trip turned out to be the most memorable of all.

It should be noted that the city in the holiday season is especially beautiful, filled with festive air and light atmosphere. Just before Christmas, Lviv seems to be saturated with elevated mood – everyone is hoping to find their own miracle in this beautiful Ukrainian place.

While strolling around, it’s a pleasure for a sight and soul to observe the city’s rich historical, architectural and traditional heritage. During its existence, Lviv was a part of several empires, survived hard wartime and, nevertheless, managed to keep its uniqueness and appeal to tourists.

A big number of historic buildings make walks truly educational, and in the evenings – even somewhat mystical, revealing the old city’s spirit. Among famous architecture and museums that impress greatly are Bernardine Church, not far from Johann Georg Pinsel Sculpture Museum and Museum-Arsenal, Dormition Church, Royal Arsenal, Dominican Church (now Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Eucharist), buildings along the Western side of Rynok Square, in particular, Korniakt Palace with its beautiful Italian patio (6, Rynok Square), City Tower on top of which one can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view at the city from above, Chapel of the Boim Family, beside it – Latin Cathedral, Saints Peter and Paul Garrison Church (in the past Jesuit Church), which served as a book repository till recently, Armenian Cathedral, Church of the Transfiguration, National Drama Theater after Mariia Zankovetska, Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet after Solomiya Krushelnytska, lavish buildings at Svobody Avenue, Potocki Palace with its splendid exposition of European painting art, House of Scientists with its gorgeous wooden carved interior, and church complex of Saint George’s Cathedral.

Lviv is also known for its fine restaurants. It’s a good news for travelers, for it’s so nice after seeing the city sights to treat yourself with exquisite, sometimes quite unique cuisine in no less special interior. Everyone can find a restaurant according to their gastronomical and aesthetic taste. There are also popular eating houses of a new format, so-called festivals of street food. One of the biggest is located at Museum-Arsenal (also known as Armory Museum). This place comprises a lot of different food stands, where visitors can choose from a huge variety of ready meals or drinks and dishes cooked straightaway in your presence. Well-known culinary specialties of Lviv are coffee and chocolate – you can find a lot of lovely, quaint cafes and confectioneries where this famous stimulating drink and various hand-made sweets are offered.

This combination of historical legacy, architectural beauty and culinary tradition makes the lion’s city very attractive for tourists leaving them with the best memories.

Below are some photo captures of a great time in Lviv and a map with excursion route to the city’s sights, which, hopefully, help you when planning your own trip to this magnificent place:).

Masterly made Pinzel’s sculptures
Special local treat – black varenyky:) – at Armory Museum
Dormition Church
Royal Arsenal (to the right), next to Dominican Church (to the left)
 Chapel of the Boim Family
 Inside, the chapel is no less impressive
 View at Latin Cathedral from City Tower
Interior adornments of Armenian Cathedral
Little statue of a banker at Virmenska Street – there’s a belief that you have to rub it to be rich
Church of the Transfiguration
 Opera Theater
In the theater, visiting “Madame Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini
 Potocki Palace
Splendid interior of the palace
Wooden carved decorations in House of Scientists
In one of the halls (House of Scientists)

To access the editable excursion map in Google Maps, follow this link:

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