Trip to New York City


It was my first trip across ocean, the first time I flew on my own, and my first acquaintance with New York City!

It was a long flight alone, so I was a little bit scared. That’s why I took my puppy-friend with me:). Together, it was not that frightening!:)

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time to go through check-point at the airport, so I was totally exhausted in the end. But it didn’t prevent me after refreshing a bit to go and see so long-expected New York City! Another day without a sleep had started for me, but I was brimming over with emotions!

First days were hard physically. My body protested and didn’t know how to act. The difference in time was minus 7 hours to the one I used to. At that time, I didn’t know yet that it was much easier to undergo the adaptation process with a delay than a gain in time:).

Day walks in the city began. I wanted to manage to see everything! And honestly, I imagined Manhattan much smaller in size:).

The first place I visited was September 11th National Memorial & Museum. The scope of catastrophe looks enormous:(. The monuments are placed where the buildings used to stand, they have a square form with water running down to the center. As for me, this monument piece is filled with a huge meaning. The buildings must have been gigantic, but the list of victims engraved along the foundation’s perimeter strikes much more:(.

Next, I’d like to point out is Grand Central Terminal. I think all saw in movies this famous building, with its huge hall, clock, and painted ceiling.

Central Park… It’s an enormous space for rest, with a great number of different places and ways of passing spare time. There are sports grounds, running paths, and – for more calm rest – lakes, benches, “photogenic” squirrels:), and many more. It was very pleasant to rest here from running around the city, to lie on green grass, grab some fresh and juicy fruit, get warm under gentle sun and just observe the flow of life around you. There, I witnessed a celebration of birthday, a day slumber of a family with small children, a photo shoot, a Frisbee game, and many more other activities.

For me, yellow traffic light is one of New York’s symbols, as well as yellow taxi cabs. And from the driver’s point of view, I think it’s a very useful idea to make it yellow, as it attracts your attention.

Ocean… It’s something majestic by your side. By the way, first thing I noticed after leaving the airport door was a strong smell of ocean.

While it was chilly enough in the city, especially when passing by the open doors of different institutions and stores – in the underground, it was even very cold (!), the quay greeted us with scorching sun.

New York at night is no less beautiful than during a day. There are lots of lanterns, which shine from everywhere as though they pierce the entire city creating original light composition.

New York City at night, view from the 86th floor. It’s something unbelievable! No photo can depict all that beauty, and no words can describe emotions from the sight. Because of the big height, it’s very windy. There, I could enjoy the beauty only from the first two sides, because when I moved to the other two I had to hold our hair and jump not to get frozen.

Meet the Bronx Zoo! It is the biggest zoo in New York City. Exactly, the biggest one, since there are several in the city.The conditions for animals are good. You can see this on the next picture with a pretty relaxing bear:). One can watch fur seals for a very long time. But they don’t mind even to come closer to you, smile or talk to each other.

While walking around the city, you can see interesting exhibitions of contemporary art.

Besides Central Park, the city has many other places for rest. Perhaps one of the most recently created, but still not finished yet, is the High Line Park. The park impressed me! It was built on the old subway’s line. To describe it in two words, I would use “simplicity” and “style”. It’s a wonderful combination, I think.

Last hours before the flight were spent at the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The bridge has length of 1,825 m and at the end of construction was the biggest hanging bridge in the world.

Unfortunately, all comes to an end, and my trip had to finish:(. However, it left me with a lot of good memories to which I would want to come back again and again.

New York City said goodbye to us with a wonderful sunset.

Farewell, Big Apple!

My puppy-friend 🙂
Times Square impressed me with its amount of light!
September 11th National Memorial Museum
Grand Central Terminal
Central Park
If you are tired, you can travel and get familiar with Central Park on the carriages like these
One of famous yellow traffic
New York is a seaport, and you can see “belles” like these at the quay
On the opposite side, one can see the Bronx
When looking at buildings like these, at once you start recollecting the movies which were shot in this city
A little interesting hippo among the “stone jungles”:)
Grand Central Terminal
Almost every building has a fire hydrant like this
This is a famous building called Flatiron
View from the 86th floor. It’s just breathtaking!
Bronx Zoo
High Line Park
These are the houses of my dream:)! So simple and so pretty
Brooklyn Bridge
I called it “steel cobweb” of the Brooklyn Bridge
Written by: Yuliya Prokopenko
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